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Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department - Construction of Building above 10 meters height (excluding stilt floor for parking) in the areas covered by Urban Development Authorities,   Municipal Corporation, Municipalities - Further orders - Issued.




G.O.Ms.No.541, M.A.,                                                  Dated the 17th November, 2000,

                                                                                     Read the following:-


1.      G.O.Ms.No.422, M.A.,  Dated: 31.07.1998.

2.      G.O.Ms.No.423, M.A.,  Dated: 31.07.1998.

3.      G.O.Ms.No.567, M.A.,  Dated: 12.07.1999

4.      From the Chairman Expert Committee,  

     D.O.Lr.No.2499/TP5/MCH/2000/215,  Dt:24.03.2000.



O R D E R:


            In the G.Os first and second read above, orders have been issued fixing standards  of F.A.R. values and Building Requirements for different types of buildings, uses and occupancies in the areas covered by Urban Development Authorities, Municipal Corporations and Municipalities in the State.


2.         Government  observe that there has been a rapid pace of construction of high rise / group housing buildings in the Urban Areas of the State.  Several instances have come to the notice that Builders / plot owners are not following minimum Building Standards and safety measures while undertaking the construction of such buildings.  This has resulted in collapse of some buildings during the construction itself.  With a view to ensure structural stability in such buildings and also to safeguard the interests of purchasers, Government constituted an  Expert Committee in the G.O. third read above, to study various Town Planning  Laws, Rules and provisions followed  in other states and stability of the buildings.  The Expert Committee in the reference fourth read above has submitted report suggesting certain measures for streamlining the construction activity for  ensuring structural stability in Group Housing and other non-residential complexes in Urban areas.


3.         Government after careful examination of the matter issue the following orders to ensure structural  stability in buildings of above  10 mts.  height (excluding stilt floor for parking):


(i)         For construction of  buildings of   above 10 meters height  (excluding  stilt  floor  for parking) an undertaking shall be obtained by the local authority to that effect i.e., whether the owner is taking up the construction on his own or entrusting  it to builder / construction firm and if so, the details of the builder / construction firm i.e., name, present and permanent  addresses, members of the firm, if any, duly counter - signed by the builder / construction firm.


(ii)        All building applications for sanction of building permission for construction of above 10 meters height (excluding  the stilt floor for parking) shall be accompanied with the following information:


(a)       Report of Soil Test / Geo - technical Investigation Report issued by

Institution  / Consultant empaneled with  the local authority.

(b)       Structural designs   and drawings   prepared  duly taking  the soil bearing capacity into consideration and certified by qualified structural Engineer / Consultant Firm empaneled with the local authority.

(c)       Building Plan and Application shall be invariably signed by the owner of the property, builder if any, the Architect and the Structural  Engineer who designed the structural with their present and permanent addresses.

(d)        If the construction is being taken up by a builder, an attested copy of the registered  agreement entered  between the owner of the property and the builder shall be submitted.  In case of any changes in the agreement at a later date a copy of the same shall also be submitted to the local authority.

(e)        An undertaking on a Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- duly signed by the owner and builder specifying that no fact or built-up  area shall be given possession to the purchaser / tenant unless they obtain the occupancy certificate from the local authority and provide all regular service connections.

(f)                  "Contractor All Risks Insurance Policy" for the construction period.



(iii)      The Occupancy Certificate (above 10 mtrs. height excluding stilt floor parking) shall be issued by the local authority only after submission of the following documents by the owner  / builder:


(a)                Building Completion Certificate issued by the Architect duly certifying that the building is completed as per the sanctioned plan.

(b)                 Structural Stability Certificate issued by the Structural Engineer duly certifying that the building is structurally safe and the construction is in accordance with the specified designs.

(c)        An extract of the site registers containing inspection reports of Site Engineer, Structural Engineer and  Architect.

(d)        Insurance Policy for the completed building for a minimum period  of three years.



(iv)              The owner /  builder shall employ a site engineer who shall maintain a register, in which the Site Engineer, Architect and Structural Engineer shall record their comments at regular intervals i.e. at foundation level and at each slab level and submit report to local authorities.


(v)                 (a)  No construction shall proceed without engaging the services of   Architect, Structural Engineer, Site Engineer without it shall be  treated as construction without permission.

(b)      In case Site Engineer / Structural Engineer / Architect is  changed by the owner / builder during the course of construction or the Architect / Structural  Engineer dis-associate  themselves  with the ongoing project the same shall be reported to the local authority by the owner / builder within seven days by registered post or in  person along with consent letters of newly engaged Site Engineer / Structural Engineer / Architect.


(vi)              The Builder, Site Engineer, Structural Engineer, Architect shall jointly and severally be held responsible for the structural stability during the building  construction and for a further period  of three years from the date of obtaining Occupancy Certificate.


(vii)            For any building above 10 meters height (excluding stilt floor for parking) water, sewerage connection and regular power connection shall be given by the concerned agencies only after production of occupancy certificate issued by the Local Authority.



In case of failure to follow any of the above provisions, the local  authority shall  black - list the Builder / Construction Firm  / Architect / Site Engineer / Structural Engineer apart from initiating other necessary  action under relevant Rules, Acts, Regulations etc., and they shall not be entitled to take up construction activity for Group Housing / such projects for a further period of five years in any of the site falling under the urban body of the state.







                                                A.K. GOYAL





All Commissioners of Corporation in the State.

All Vice-Chairmans of Urban Development  Authorities in the State.

The Director of Town and Country  Planning, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Hyd.

The  Managing Director, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water  Supply and Sewerage Board, Hyderabad.

All Commissioner of Municipalities in the State (through C & DMA)

The Chief Engineer, A.P. TRANSCO, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner,  I & PR Department.

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                                                                                                                                                                 Officer of the Chief City Planner,

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Endo.No. 908/TPS/MCH/HO/2000                                   Date:29.11.2000




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                              CHIEF CITY PLANNER,