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Mobile No:9866666739
File No     : 59771/15/07/2013/C12
Permit No: 26924/DC/WZ/Cir-12/2013
Date         : 05-AUG-2013
Sir / Madam,
Sub: Building Permission Sanctioned Reg.
Ref: Your Application dated:15-JUL-2013. u/s 388, 428 & 433 of HMC Act, 1955 and A.P.Urban Areas (Dev), Act, 1975.
Your application submitted in the reference has been examined with reference to the rules and regulations in force and permission is hereby sanctioned conditionally as detailed below:
A. Applicant And Licensed personnel Details
1.Applicant Name: L VINESH KUMAR REDDY
2.Developer/Builder/Owner: L VINESH KUMAR REDDY Lic.No.: 0
3.Architecture/Surveyor/Civil Engg: S.RAJASHEKHAR Lic.No.: 98/ENGINEER/TP10/GHMC/2009-14
4.Structural Engineer: 0 Lic.No.: 0
5.Others: 0    
B. Site Details
1.Sy.No.: 56
2.Door.No.: 0
3.Plot No.: 102 PART
4.Loacality: Chandanagar,12
C. Details of Permission Sanctioned:Usage=Residential;Parking=+;Ground Floors=G;Other Floors=1
1.Floors: G+1   2.Total Builtup Area: 122.4
3.Parking Floors: + 4.Area of parking floors: 0
5.Setbacks(m): Front Rear SideI Side II
1.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
6.Site Area(m2): 83.6 7.Tot-lot Area(m2): 0
8.Road affected area(m2): 0 9.Height(m): 6
10.Net Site Area(m2): 83.6 11.Others: 0
D. Details of Fees Paid (Rs.) :
1.Building Permit Fee: 2330 2.City level infrastructure impact fee: 0
3.Development charges: 14025 4.CDA Charges: 0
5.Betterment charges(builtup area): 12300 6.Open space Constribution Charges: 0
7.R.W.H charges: 2500 8.Others: 0
9.V.L.T charges: 4860 10.Ext. Betterment Charges(onsite area): 0
11.Sub-Division charges: 5000 12.Impact fee: 0
13.Compounding Fee: 0 14.Layout regulation charges: 0
15.Challan No: 273780, 273908
16.Challan Date: 02-AUG-2013 17.Total Fee: 41015
E. Other Details
1.Contractor's all Risk Policy No.: 0 Date: 07-AUG-2013 Valid Upto: 07-AUG-2013
2.Notarised Affidavit No.: 0 Date: 07-AUG-2013 Floor Handed Over: 0 Mortigage Area(m2): 0
3.Entered in PPWR Sl.No.: 0 Date: 07-AUG-2013 S.R.O: 0
F. Construction to be Commenced Before Monday, August 05, 2013  
G. Construction to be Completed Before Thursday, August 04, 2016
Note:Please obtain Occupency Certificate from GHMC before occupation of the building.  
Plan Not avaliable
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