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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes and determines how we, Government of Telangana handle and/ or deal in your personal information and sensitive personal information, as defined under the applicable laws of India (hereinafter collectively referred to as Personal Information).

To provide you (“Your”, “User”) with the Service (or “Service”, “App”, “Application(s)”, “Web portal(s)”, “SMS”, “GHMC” , as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use ), Electronic Service Delivery, ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “GHMC”, “GoT”) needs to collect some information about you, and this Privacy Policy is where we describe the information we collect, what we do with it. By using or interacting with the Service, you are entering into a binding contract with us and consenting to the use of your information as explained in this Privacy Policy. If you don't agree with these terms, then please don't use the Service.

This Privacy Policy inter alia determines, how we control the Personal Information provided by You to Us, how We handle and deal in the Personal Information, correction of inaccuracies in the Personal Information provided by You to Us, the purposes for which the Personal Information provided by You may be used by Us.

This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use available at [Terms of Use]. This Privacy Policy will govern the use and access of the Portal by You. We collect, receive, possess, or store the Personal Information, to enable the Portal to function more effectively, and to enable Us to provide more efficient services to You. If the terms of this Privacy Policy are not acceptable to You, please do not use the Portal and/ or the services provided by Us. If You refuse to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, We may choose not to offer You the services for which the Personal Information was being collected.

1.Collection of Information

(a) We collect the following categories of Personal Information from You when You access the App or visit the mobile web or avail the service over SMS or IVR or USSD channels:

    • Your account username
    • Your mobile phone number;
    • Your e-mail id;
    • Your personal contact details such as phone number and address;
    • Your browser history and settings;
    • The type of browser that You use;
    • Statistics on page views;
    • IP information and standard web log information;
    • Geo Location
    • Any information which either individually or in combination with other information can be used to identify You;
    • Any other details/information relating to any of the above mentioned categories;
    • Any other information that may be required by us for allowing You to access the Portal and for availing the services offered on the Portal;

(b) The following will not qualify as Personal Information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy - information/ data, which is anonymous or which due to other factors, is incapable of identifying You either individually or in combination with other information;

(c) You agree that We are not responsible for the accuracy, authenticity or verification of the Personal Information provided by You.


You hereby consent to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, and transfer, of the Personal Information by Us for the purposes detailed in this Privacy Policy. You hereby acknowledge and agree that collection, storage, use, disclosure, and transfer, by Us of the Personal Information is for a lawful purpose and does not violate the provisions of any law for the time being in force and is necessary for providing services to You on the Portal even in the future;


You acknowledge and agree that the Personal Information collected by Us, shall be stored by Us at our Data Centers (Server(s)). By using our Portal and providing Personal Information to Us, You are consenting to the storage of the same by Us at Our Server(s)


(a) The Personal Information collected by Us is used by Us, our affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures, inter alia, for -

    • Confirming Your registration details;
    • Allowing You to use the Portal and managing Your user account on the Portal;
    • Providing services to You, facilitating services provided by advertisers, third party service providers, and service partners;
    • Providing You with further information regarding Our services;
    • Sending promotional features/ materials to You regarding the Portal, and other third party promotional material/ advertisements;
    • Enhancing the efficiency/ quality of Our services;
    • Resolving any disputes that may arise with respect to the transactions/ deals that You may conduct using the Portal/ Our services;
    • Monitor Your activity and preferences;
    • Detecting, investigating and preventing activities that may violate our policies or that may be illegal or unlawful;
    • Conduct research or analyse the user preference, demographics;
    • Any other purposes required for offering the services on the Portal;
    • Any purposes as may be required under applicable laws.

(b) You agree that We may use personal information about You to improve CeG's services, marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze Portal usage, improve the Portal's content and service offerings, and customize the Portal's content, layout, and services. These uses improve the Portal to, inter alia, meet Your needs, so as to provide You with a smooth, efficient, safe and customized experience while using the Portal.

(b) We do not sell or rent Your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without Your explicit consent and we only use Your information as described in the Privacy Policy.


(a) We acknowledge that the Personal Information provided by You is important and confidential, and the contents of such Personal Information shall not be disclosed by Us to any Person, except to such third parties as are specified in this Privacy Policy. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term "Person" shall mean and connote any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture, body corporate or other organisation, association or entity;

(b) The Personal Information provided by You can be shared by Us at any time without obtaining explicit consent from You, with any government agencies mandated under the law to obtain Personal Information including sensitive Personal Information for the purpose of verification of identity, or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences;

(c) Personal Information provided by You may also be disclosed by Us at any time without obtaining explicit consent from You, to any third party by an order under the applicable law for the time being in force;

(d) We will make endeavours to ensure that third parties who are the recipients of the Personal Information maintain the confidentiality of such information, with the same level of data security practices as are employed by Us in relation to the Personal Information, and use the Personal Information only in relation to the Portal and the services offered by Us to You;

(e) We may also disclose the Personal Information to enforce Our policies, and/ or to address concerns/ complaints, and/ or to prevent any unethical/ illegal practices/ activity.


(a) Personal Information may be disclosed/ transferred to the following recipients:

    • Third party service providers who assist Us in rendering services to You and/ or enhance the efficiency of the services to You;
    • Third party service providers who require Your information only in connection with the services offered on the Portal, for monitoring Your preferences, for displaying personalized advertisements to You, for displaying important communications regarding the services to You;
    • Our affiliates, other users of the Portal and service partners strictly for the purposes specified in paragraph 4 above.


(a) For mobile web, We may use cookies and other web beacons for the following purposes:

    • Identifying and assessing consumer preferences and managing user sessions;
    • In order to provide You with basic features on the Portal;
    • To enable Us to identify Your device and help You navigate the Portal;
    • Other information such as Your browsing history;
    • To enable Us to enhance the quality of services provided by Us to You;
    • To enable Us to enhance the quality of functioning of the Portal and provide an enhanced user experience to You;
    • To enable third party service providers to display personalised advertisements/ content/ messages to You; and
    • To collect standard information such as Your IP address, computer sign-on data, statistics on page views.

(b) You may refuse the use of cookies on Your computer and adjust the settings of Your browser to disable cookies. You may also at any time disable/ delete cookies which are already activated on Your computer. However, please note that should You choose to disable cookies from operating on Your computer, certain sections/ features of the Portal may become inaccessible to You.

8.Other Information

(a) We may provide You links to other third-party websites for Your convenience and information, and to enable You to access and avail the services requested by You. In the event that You choose to visit/ access such third-party websites and/ or avail such services on offer by the aforementioned third-party service providers, the privacy policy/ terms of use of such third-party websites shall be applicable to You, and we shall not at any time be responsible and/ or liable for any content/ information provided/ intimated to You on such third-party websites.

(b) Any personal and/ or sensitive personal information including Your contact details, bank account details, credit card account details, collected by such third-party websites, shall be subject to the terms of the privacy policy provided by such third-party websites, and Our privacy policy shall not be applicable to the same. Moreover, we shall not at any time be responsible/ liable/ accountable for any personal and/ or sensitive personal information that You provide to and/ or is collected by such third-party websites.

(c) We may from time to time send You certain promotional material/ advertisements/ additional information with regard to the services provided/ offered by Us, to the e-mail address provided by You.

9.Alteration/ Deletion

We shall at no time be responsible/ liable for the authenticity/ veracity of the Personal Information provided by You.


We employ commercially reasonably data security practices and procedures commensurate with the specifications under the applicable laws, including encryption, passwords, physical security and other technical, physical and administrative, mechanisms and measures, to protect/ safeguard the security and integrity of Your Personal Information.

In view of the functionality of the internet and provision of services over the internet, We cannot guarantee the complete security of Your Personal Information at any time. Given that the internet is a medium which is prone to several security hazards and other events/ incidents which are beyond Our control, while we will strive to ensure full protection to Your Personal Information, We cannot guarantee the same at any given time. Any Personal Information provided by You, must therefore be provided with full cognizance of this risk.

11.Publicly available information

Personal Information contained in Publicly available postings by You on the Portal, if any, shall be Your sole responsibility. While the terms of this Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all features/ sections of the Portal, You hereby agree and acknowledge that by including Personal Information in postings available for view/ display to all users of the Portal, You have waived any confidentiality of such information.

12.Updates to Privacy Policy

We may update/ modify this Privacy Policy at any time due to changes in the applicable laws and/ or changes in Our company policies. Your continued use of the services and the Portal shall be deemed acceptance of the updated/ modified Privacy Policy by You.


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