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Handle with care ! Plastic is every where !

  • Our environment needs natural space just like us to maintain balance and it is already on the verge of losing it with usage of plastic in form of bottles, bags, wrappers etc.
  • It Takes 1000 years to decompose  plastic into smaller pieces, which seep  down into the soil and release chemicals, which eventually reach the water supply.
  • Tens of thousands of sea animals are killed every year from plastic bag litter in the marine environment
  • GHMC proposes to ban usage of Single use plastic and to replace it with more environmentally sustainable materials.
  • The sooner we do it, the better it will be for us.
  • Mall Owners, Big shoppers, Plastic manufacturers have been instructed  to use alternate to single use plastic bags.
  • Shopkeepers could also keep Jute I Cloth  bags instead  of plastic bags.
  • A collective action of the sellers  and the buyers can help the environment in sustaining  its balance.
  • GHMC through Self Help Groups (SHGs) are making Jute Bags which GHMC promotes for daily usage at retail stores and other daily activities.

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About Self Help Groups (SHG)

  • GHMC is facilitating the SHGs to get financial support through banks for lesser rates of interest and at regular higher doses of loans
  • GHMC is promoting the women entrepreneurs through Self Employment & Group Employment programs in coordination with the banks under all Govt sponsored schemes. GHMC is even organizing the skill development & skill upgradation programs to the unemployed youth a and providing placement opportunities
  • Further GHMC is providing free space at the exhibitions conducted by both Govt & private organisations to support marketing opportunities to the women enterprenuers and is implementing all welfare measures through public participation with special reference to SHGs and thus the women participation is involved at all levels i.e. from policy making, execution and monitoring levels. SHGs are also failitated get financial support through banks for lesser rates of interest and at regular higher doses of loans

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